Can't Stop Smokin'
418 Mechem Drive
(575) 630-0000
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Value Score:  9.0
Variety Score:  8.0
Enviroment Score:  7.0
Service Score:  9.0
Food Quality Score:  8.0
Location Score:  7.0
Overall Score:  8.0
Reviewed By:Paul
Texas Style BBQ in The Mountains

Item Reviewed: Combo Plate
Price Paid: $5-10

I've passed by Cant Stop Smokin a few times in the past, but this time decided to stop and give it a try. Located on Mechem drive on the north end of Ruidoso its a little north of where I usually stay. Which contributes to why it took 4 trips to Ruidoso to finally give them a try.

I ordered the combo which came with your choice of meats and 2 side orders. I got the beef brisket, prime rib, and a side of pork rib tips. For my sides I ordered the macaroni & cheese, and the boiled potatoes.

The BBQ was excellent, with alot of smoked wood flavor, the brisket was tender & almost fell apart, the prime rib had a flavor that tasted like it had a nutmeg rub before it was BBQ'ed. The pork rib tips were something they sell cheap and I decided to order on top of the combo because it was over 6 rib tips for $3.

They offered two types of BBQ sauce, a sweet and a spicy sauce, and had indoor and outdoor dining. Some tables in the outdoor area had gas heaters on them, and the indoor area was a cabin like atmosphere.

All together my meal including the extra rib tips, totalled about $15 but included a canned soda, 3 choices of meats and 2 side orders. It was alot of food, and other than wanting to try everything I could have easily ate for $12 or less.

They offered a chopped BBQ sandwich combo with drink and chips for $6. So this place is totally affordable for a family to have lunch or dinner. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone in Ruidoso with a hunger for some good BBQ.

Variety: American, BBQ, Deli

Pros: Excellent Flavor, Very Affordable, Large Portions


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