Golden Moon
1410 South Main Street
(817) 594-1692
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Value Score:  8.0
Variety Score:  8.0
Enviroment Score:  7.0
Service Score:  8.0
Food Quality Score:  7.0
Location Score:  8.0
Overall Score:  8.0
Reviewed By:Paul
We Tried It Reguardless Of A Poor Recomendation

Item Reviewed: Pad Thai Beef
Price Paid: $5-10

After a long drive from south Texas, we ended the day in Weatherford Texas. The next morning we asked our hotel desk where to go for some good food, and we mentioned that we saw a Chinese place called "Golden Moon". His reply was that you didn't get much for your money, and that the locals didn't really like the place.

Weatherford isn't a big town, so regardless of his poor recommendation we decided to give it a try. We drove over to the location, which is not hard to find. Golden Moon is located on a main street in downtown Weatherford. They even advertise that they have been in business since 1984. If the food wasn't good I doubt they would still be around.

We ordered the Beef Pad Thai, which we were overly pleased with. The service was quick, we ate right at noon, and the food was really good. I've ordered Pad Thai a lot of places and got some odd renditions. Golden Moons Pad Thai was authentic and what I would expect from a Thai restaurant. The food came with a bowl of soup, and when the order arrived it was a good sized plate, actually more than we could eat.

Golden Moon has a lot going for it, its easy to find, in a good location, has a diverse Chinese & Thai menu, the decor is nice, the prices are decent, and the food is good. What more can you ask for in a local restaurant?

If your looking for Thai food, or Chinese I would recommend this place.

Variety: Chinese, Thai

Pros: Chinese & Thai, Easy To Find


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