Shang Hi
100 Country Center Dr # A
Pagosa Sorings,CO
(970) 731-1688
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Value Score:  8.0
Variety Score:  8.0
Enviroment Score:  8.0
Service Score:  9.0
Food Quality Score:  9.0
Location Score:  8.0
Overall Score:  8.0
Reviewed By:Paul
Family Operated, Good Food

Item Reviewed: Mongolian Beef & General Chicken
Price Paid: $10-15

Return Customer

This wasn't the first time Id eaten at Shang Hi, it was probably somewhere around the 8th time. What keeps
me coming back? Aside from there only being 2 places
in Pagosa Springs to get chinese food, the selection and portion sizes are great. I'm never disappointed and there's always items on the menu I haven't tried yet. Mainly because I order the same items over and over.


Entrees are served on large plates made to share with others at the table. A community order of steamed rice is always brought to the table. Many of the chicken dishes like orange chicken or general chicken are served on a bed of shredded cabbage. Portions are large, most the time we end up taking food to go. The mongolian beef is some of best I've had anywhere and probably my favorite item.

Family Operated

The staff is always friendly, they stop at the tables to chat with the customers, they are singing, joking around with each other, even gave us a gift this last trip up. The environment is nice and the employees even nicer.

I would recommend this place to anyone who likes chinese food, the food and the staff make this place a great place to eat dinner.

Variety: Chinese

Pros: Large Portions, Good Location


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