What Size Board Do I Need?:

    Not a simple question, and theres really no absolute answer. Its based on many things, which include your height, weight, riding ability, terrain, & snow conditions.

How does height affect my board selection?

    Your height changes your center of gravity, little kids pickup snowboarding quicker because they are short & thier center of gravity is very close to the ground. Adults are more likely to fall over, since thier center of gravity is alot higher.

Without explaining the mathematics behind it, the simple answer is that higher centers of gravity require more board length to create stability.

How does weight affect my board selection?

    Your weight causes resistance between the bottom surface of your snowboard and the snow beneath. Too much weight and not enough surface on the ground will cause your board will sink into powder, or not move on hard pack. As explained below in snow conditions, too much length for your weight will create loss of control, and additional speed.

How do snow conditions affect by board selection?

    Snow conditions affect board selection due to surface area in contact with snow. Loose powder has alot of air in it, therefore less of your board is actually touching the surface. Without enough surface you wont move, (powder requires a longer board).

Ice, Hard Pack, or Man Made snow has almost complete surface area contact. Long boards will pickup speed quickly, while short boards will pick up speed slower. Short boards will cut into the hard surface easier since you can put more force into the edge of your board. While a long board will require more tilt of your body weight to put the same ammount of force on your boards edge.

Too short, you will spin instead of turning on hard pack, or not move at all in powder.

Too long, you will pickup too much speed and have little control on hard pack.

  How does terrain affect by board selection?

People riding on trails can use "All Mountain" boards which are designed with a length & flex to suit most riding conditions. Riders wanting to do tricks, usually want shorter boards (Park & Pipe) with more pop, more flex, sharper turning ability. Backcountry riders encounter more powder and require longer boards for better surface contact.

    Still confused? Below is a calculator that will give an estimate of the correct board length for your body size and variations for conditions.

Snowboard Size Calculator

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